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Stream high quality video and other rich media content


Watch live streams from influencers and private groups


Like and chat with your connections

Going Pro

Get access to our Audience Insights analytics suite


Monitor the propagation of your content across social networks and geography


Analyze earnings for all digital media content created and shared


Access data patterns to compare content performance to develop a content strategy

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"Evolutionary App. Just as we approach the end of the last quarter, I was wowed! At 1st I thought it was just like FB or IG etc.. but after playing around with it, it was more like the Sound Cloud meets Netflix & intermingles with the original concept of social media apps. In this app it really does feel like my Vü Matters!"

MsAntiguanRican | App Store Review

"I'm able to take pictures and videos live, offline, with my phone and upload, I could even do a 24/7 show live or send it instantly as a text or email to an unlimited amount of people all over the world and this app just started it's exciting watching it grow and evolve."

Craig Stewart | Play Store Review

"An amazing app enabling people from across the world to communicate either for personal reasons or professional having the ability to create content using 4K and managing the accounts with the ability to actually pinpoint where the audience comes from and make money. It’s like having all of the social media platforms put together."

slamtimekeys | App Store Review